Gray Harris’ plan for Alameda schools centers on providing more educational options for students and families, while maintaining the integrity and quality of education in our classrooms. 

Gray believes that the Alameda Unified School District should be a model for the rest of our county in:

  • how we budget, advocate and collaborate to achieve our core education values like prioritizing the renewal of Measure A which provides $12 million annually to AUSD.
  • creating innovative career pathways so that every student has a chance to graduate college and career ready for opportunities in the trades, public safety, or small business directly following high school graduation.
  • funding early childhood education programs which are proven to dramatically increase the likelihood of academic success and student achievement.
  • offering more local magnet programs in the arts and sciences similar to those provided at Maya Lin.
  • attracting and retaining talented teachers by not only paying fair wages and benefits, but also providing more local incentives such as low-cost housing.
  • providing specialized programs and tools for English Language Learner students and other students who require unique education plans.

Gray knows is there is more we can do to promote policies that will better prepare our children to meet the challenges of the 21st Century.  She understands that while Alameda is a unique community that is fortunate to already have exceptional schools, our leaders must continue to build upon our successes, collaborate and push for new and innovative ways help our students and teachers.